Introducing our Virtual Freelancer – the ultimate HR solution for your business

Our bmployee or “virtual freelancer” is a team of experts with different skills and expertise, who are bundled together virtually to provide you with engineering services as if they were a single person you are hiring. Benefits for customer compared to traditionally committed freelancers include:

Convenience to have quick access to a wide range of skills and expertise without having to manage multiple freelancers or vendors.
Higher-performance as the team behind the virtual freelancer has a diverse set of skills and disciplines.
Interdisciplinary capabilities of working more effectively with different departments, such as software engineers and hardware engineers, or industrial designers.
Usage of additional infrastructure provided by the company like test and laboratory equipment

By arrangement or upon request, our bmployee-profesionals can provide recurring on-site support , be it for intake in operations, testing on hardware, or handovers, all as part of the “virtual freelancer” cost plan.

This ensures that you get the best combo of convenience and cost-effectiveness with high-quality services, timely project management, and the ability to work effectively with different departments.

This ultimate HR-model provides a quick, convinient access to professionals compared to typical fixed-specs contracts with engineering companies.

We can also collaborate with freelance recruitment agencies or placement services using this model.