Company Profile

Our core team based in MUNICH boasts expertise across multiple disciplines and is supported by a vast international network of partners and experts. We've built this network over years of successful cooperation, ensuring that we can provide you with the specialized support you need.

Experience & Competence

special focus on:
motor-controls up to KW-range,
touch technology,
crypto and security in IoT (Internet of things)

Hardware Design

technical consulting, start-ups
cost-sensitive solutions, high volume,
circuit design, PCB layout,
analog and digital, sensor interfacing, EMC, testing, calibration...

Software Design

abstract level
overall and partial architecture,
software modules, firmware,
cloud computing, internet of things,
unit testing


bavariamatic enters New Space
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Virtual Freelancer

this ultimate HR solution is a team of our professionals with different skills and expertise, who are bundled together virtually to provide services as if they were a single person


More than 12 years of special focusing in embedded hardware and software development for e-bike and e-scooter.

Meet our Experts

Our team is highly adaptable and flexible, as we work in a network of internal and external experts and partner companies. This allows us to assemble the perfect team for each project, no matter the complexity or dynamic nature of the project. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to your unique needs. Learn more about our experts and partners today.
Expert Team Munich

Expert Team Munich

High Skilled Proffesionals

Hardware and Software Development, Agile Project Management, Customer Relations

Expert Team Poland

R & D department

Our outsourced, wide range high skilled manpower in electronic and IT projects.

Microchip Experts


As an official Design Partner next to the head office we are well connected to their experts.

EMC Experts

SGS test laboratory

Next to SGS testcenter in Munich, we attend EMC pre-compliance and final testing

Business is a team sport, no one gets successfull alone

maximum success

maximum success

from the very beginning

"we want you from the very start to have
the maximum success and
success is like a clockwork, there are many
little cogwheels in there.
We are one of them….
We do well know how a swiss clock works"